Come to our 50th Anniversary celebration on Friday, September 21, 2018! See our upcoming events page for information.
Come to our 50th Anniversary celebration on Friday, September 21, 2018! See our upcoming events page for information.


Membership dues are $20 annually, due in September.  Please join our monthly meetings on the 2nd Thursday of the month, 7:00pm - we welcome your attendance and support!

Current Officers (2018-2019)

Michael Rogers, President

Gary Woll, Vice President

Loretta Brown, Secretary

Viola Mims, Treasurer

Laura Rogers, Communications/Newsletter Editor

Strategic Focus

Mission Statement: Neighbors dedicated to promoting and maintaining a sense of unity and community pride.


Vision Statement: NOMCO is a vital organization that actively and effectively collaborates with other organizations, acting as a unifying force to help support and promote Maywood’s best assets: interesting people, diverse history, lovely homes, and timely opportunity.


Strategy Screens: [These are guiding principles against which new opportunities and/or decisions can be tested and filtered for better decision-making aligned with strategic purpose.]


We will undertake activities, programs and/or make decisions that …


1. Are consistent with our mission of promoting unity and community pride.

2. Have positive impact in meeting high priority community needs.

3. Are likely to attract new and younger members.

4. Promote our image as an effective collaborator.

5. Complement rather than compete with other organizations.


Strategies: The following strategies serve as an overarching approach which need to be supported by specific action steps. The action steps and measurables to support each strategy will be fleshed out by respective committees.


Organizational Strategies:

1. We actively collaborate with organizations across Maywood, including youth organizations and schools.

2. We proactively communicate our mission and vision across Maywood through multiple media and other organizations.


Programmatic Strategies:

1. We choose places to meet throughout Maywood.

2. We design programs and create an environment that is

welcoming for families and people of all ages and backgrounds

to be able to participate.


Operational Strategies:

1. We ensure that all of our interactions and communications reflect our mission of promoting a sense of unity and community pride.

2. We use inclusive and proactive agenda-building techniques to foster involvement and ensure relevance.

3. We proactively anticipate leadership transitions through succession planning and project debriefs in order to model and teach new generations of members.

4. We align our committee structure to support our strategies with specific action steps, including membership, program, and communication committees.


The NOMCO By-Laws were revised in 2011 by the NOMCO membership.  A full version of the By-Laws can be downloaded below.  Minor adjustments have been made since 2011, including raising membership dues to $20 annually.  An updated document will be posted in late 2015 showing all adjustments since 2011.


By-Laws, Adopted Apr. 14, 2011




Neighbors dedicated to promoting and maintaining a sense of unity and community pride.




This organization shall be called the Neighbors of Maywood Community Organization (NOMCO).  [Spring, 2013 update:  new branding modified official abbreviation to all capital letters, “NOMCO”]




We the members of NOMCO declare the following areas to be our concern:  education, recreation, Village services, a well-informed community, a responsive Village government, and active participation of citizens in government, and a good Village image.


We of NOMCO want the whole of Maywood to be a Village that will attract business and industry, and will remain a community that will work toward decreasing crime and increasing property values and upkeep, and fostering community pride and togetherness.




Membership will be open to all residents and owners of businesses within the stated boundaries of Maywood.  Anyone, of legal voting age, is eligible to vote who declares membership by paying the annual dues of $5.00 per individual, and $25.00 per business.  Their voting privileges will begin at the next meeting after paying said dues.  Businesses who hold membership and are located within our stated boundaries, will have one vote per business.  Our annual business year will be from September 1 through August 31.  [Update, July, 2014:  annual dues raised to $20/year]




  1. The officers in this Organization shall be President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer, and Editor of the NOMCO Newsletter, each to hold office for one year.  A Nominating committee shall be established each year at the March General meeting for the purpose of proposing a slate of nominations for the election at the May meeting.  The full membership shall be informed of the names of the proposed candidates, before the May election meeting. 


  1. The duties if each office shall be:



To have overall charge of coordinating the various activities of the general meetings, Executive board meetings, and the meetings of the various Ad Hoc committees.  The President will also conduct the meetings of the general membership and the Executive Board.  The President may make temporary appointments to represent NOMCO at meetings.  Generally, the President is to see to it that the other officers carry out their duties (and offer assistance where necessary) and to see to it that the full membership knows what other individuals, representatives, committees and the full organization are doing or want to do.


Vice President

To take over any and all President’s functions if the President is unavailable.  The Vice President should also assist the President in the various coordinating tasks and others that the President might have need of.  If the President has to resign, the Vice President automatically becomes President for the remainder of the term of office.



To take minutes at all of the NOMCO general and Executive Board meetings.  To handle both external and internal (within NOMCO) dissemination of information, and to preserve documents relating to the organization.



The Treasurer shall be responsible for collecting fees and all organizational proceeds, as well as paying all organizational liabilities.  The assets should be kept and maintained in the organization’s checking account.  The Treasurer shall present a report to the organization at each business meeting.


Editor of the Newsletter

To coordinate the production of the quarterly Newsletter to be known as the NOMCO News.




NOMCO officers shall be members of the Executive Board.  If there is a need for the President or one of NOMCO’s representatives to other groups, to take action in the name of NOMCO, and there is either no time to wait for the next general meeting, or to poll, in some manner, the full membership, then the action may be taken with the approval of the majority of the members of the Executive Board.  The complete membership of NOMCO shall be notified of the action within 48 hours.




Meetings of the organization shall normally be held on the second Thursday evening of each month.




Special committees may be set up at any time by the general membership, the Executive Board, or by action of the President.




The Roberts Rules of Order shall be the guide for the conduct of official business meetings.  No official business can be transacted at a general NOMCO meeting without a quorum, which is defined as a minimum of 10 members.  Proxy voting is not allowed.




Changes in the By-laws shall be proposed at one meeting and voted on at the next.  Passage requires a 2/3 vote of all members in attendance.




  • Nominating Committee

    Prepare the slate of officers each year.


  • Membership Committee

    Recruit members for NOMCO


  • Public Relations Committee

    Promote the organization, do press releases – media info and photographs.


  • Hospitality Committee

    Coordinate refreshments for meetings and other NOMCO activities.


Committee chairpersons shall be appointed by the President, and consist of a minimum of three members.

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Join Us

We welcome your support.  Membership dues cover our normal operating expenses, and additional contributions allow us to host projects and events which showcase our village and bring our community together.  


Please contact us to learn about membership, volunteer opportunities, and how to support our community initiatives.



P.O. Box #623

Maywood,IL  60153



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