Over 50 Years of Community Engagement
Over 50 Years of Community Engagement


NOMCO Membership Commitment

"Our 20/20 Vision"

NOMCO is an organization that stands for something. NOMCO is what its members make it. To be dynamic in this age it takes real commitment. Commitment is affirmed through both time and money.  Not a lot of either, but there must be some level of each to realize the true benefit of membership.


NOMCO asks each member to commit to just 20 dollars of dues AND at least 20 hours of participation. Are you in??


Each year, we will compile an ongoing list of all the hours the total NOMCO membership has accumulated and what they mean to the community.  For example, during the year we hope to reach …..

  • 200 hours of Community Service Work (litter control, graffiti removal, etc.),
  • 400 hours of meeting attendance,
  • 100 hours of Community Gardening,
  • 200 hours of Youth Activity support,
  • 100 hours of Senior Activity support,
  • 100 hours of Maywood Historic Exploration,
  • 100 hours of Community Advisory efforts,
  • 200 hours of Community Social Networking,
  • and more contributions in so many other important ways!!

It’s up to each individual where the time is put in. It is simply important that self-determination, honor, benevolent purpose and enjoyment grabs everyone for at least 20 hours in the spirit of NOMCO.


Keep track of your great service & participation activities and report them to the president from time to time for inclusion in the recording log.


Fair enough? Ok, welcome aboard!

Strategic Focus

Mission Statement: Neighbors dedicated to promoting and maintaining a sense of unity and community pride.


Vision Statement: NOMCO is a vital organization that actively and effectively collaborates with other organizations, acting as a unifying force to help support and promote Maywood’s best assets: interesting people, diverse history, lovely homes, and timely opportunity.


Strategy Screens: [These are guiding principles against which new opportunities and/or decisions can be tested and filtered for better decision-making aligned with strategic purpose.]


We will undertake activities, programs and/or make decisions that …


1. Are consistent with our mission of promoting unity and community pride.

2. Have positive impact in meeting high priority community needs.

3. Are likely to attract new and younger members.

4. Promote our image as an effective collaborator.

5. Complement rather than compete with other organizations.


Strategies: The following strategies serve as an overarching approach which need to be supported by specific action steps. The action steps and measurables to support each strategy will be fleshed out by respective committees.


Organizational Strategies:

1. We actively collaborate with organizations across Maywood, including youth organizations and schools.

2. We proactively communicate our mission and vision across Maywood through multiple media and other organizations.


Programmatic Strategies:

1. We choose places to meet throughout Maywood.

2. We design programs and create an environment that is

welcoming for families and people of all ages and backgrounds

to be able to participate.


Operational Strategies:

1. We ensure that all of our interactions and communications reflect our mission of promoting a sense of unity and community pride.

2. We use inclusive and proactive agenda-building techniques to foster involvement and ensure relevance.

3. We proactively anticipate leadership transitions through succession planning and project debriefs in order to model and teach new generations of members.

4. We align our committee structure to support our strategies with specific action steps, including membership, program, and communication committees.

Join Us

We welcome your support.  Membership dues cover our normal operating expenses, and additional contributions allow us to host projects and events which showcase our village and bring our community together.  


Please contact us to learn about membership, volunteer opportunities, and how to support our community initiatives.



P.O. Box #623

Maywood,IL  60153


Email: info@nomco.org

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