50 Years of Community Engagement Join us now in making a difference!
50 Years of Community Engagement Join us now in making a difference!

President's Perspective


November 7, 2018


"Space, the final frontier...to boldly go where no man has gone before."  Those are the familiar words which begin each episode of the popular Star Trek space voyage television shows and movies.  Over the years, Star Trek has entertained millions of fans with fictitious accounts of space voyages.

There have been a number of movies based on true space exploration accounts, including The Right Stuff (1983), Apollo 13 (1995), and Hidden Figures (2016).  Now there is another interesting movie out in the theaters entitled The First Man which tells the story of the famed astronaut, Neil Armstrong's, journey in being the first human to actually land on and take steps on the moon, over 238,850 miles away.  Think about that for a moment, to be the first man to walk on the moon! It was an incredible accomplishment that no one who witnessed the live telecast in 1969 will ever forget.  If you really want an informative entertainment treat for youerself, just watch the DVD of all of these great movies, preferably in order.

The Last Man on the Moon is a book written by astronaut Eugene Cernan and Don Davis in 1999 which later became a feature length documentary telling the story of his space voyage career.  This includes being the last man to take steps on the surface of the moon in 1972. 


Cernan was born in Chicago but grew up in Bellwood and Maywood.  He attended McKinley Elementary School and graduated from Proviso East High School in 1952.  He received an Electrical Engineering degree from Purdue University and then served as a naval aviator and fighter pilot. 


He went on to get an Aeronautical Engineering degree in 1963, and was selected by NASA to pilot space missions.  During his stellar career he flew in numerous missions including Gemini 9A, Gemini 12, Apollo 7, Apollo 10, Apollo 14, and capped it off with being the commander of Apollo 17, where he actually drove a lunar vehicle on the moon's surface and concluded the Apollo space program with those final footsteps on the moon.

Now let's think about that for a moment:  the last man to walk on the moon also walked the halls of Proviso East High School right here in Maywood as a student! An incredible accomplishment that everyone in Maywood should be both aware of and proud of.

NOMCO has arranged a special time on November 13th for members and guests to explore space and the space explorers, especially Captain Eugene Cernan with an evening at the Triton College planetarium facility named in his honor, the Cernan Earth and Space Center. 

We will view the exhibits which include his actual Apollo 10 spacesuit and other fascinating displays and information.  We will also view a dazzling 3D space documentary short film shown on the planetarium's dome ceiling entitled, From Earth to the Universe, as well as witness a telescopic view of the current night sky, stars and planets. 

It promises to be an extremely interesting, informative, and inspiring evening.  As Triton says about the Space Center, "It's out of this world, and in your community!"


Please join us. 


Thank you.

Free for NOMCO members.  (Guest cost is only $4 each)

RSVP at info@nomco.org so we have a good attendance estimate.

Doors open 6:00pm to view exhibits.

Everyone must be seated for the film by 6:50pm.

President's Perspective


October 8, 2018


"Potluck".  Something I have never really thought about much before.  However, it's an interesting concept and has been a tradition utilized by NOMCO on numerous occasions across its rich history.  We did it again at the recent reunion and celebration of 50 years of this fine community organization which took place September 21st at the historic Masonic Building in Maywood.


The most important thing, of course, was wonderfully bringing together participants spanning 50 long years, old and new, to remember the past, and kick off a promising future for NOMCO.  Nonetheless, you have to have food and plenty of it to keep folks smiling and sticking around for a party on a Friday evening, no matter how glad they are to see each other!

I recognized the buffet tables had nothing on them but a tablecloth as of 5:55pm.  This made me a bit uneasy since the event start time was 6:00pm.  But by 6:20pm a full variety of dishes flooded those tables.  At that time I witnessed the line of happy attendees loading their plates with items of their own choice.


If someone came to the event without contributing food, no big deal (unless it were to become a habit), there was enough to bridge any such gap.  In fact, there was an abundance, as it tends to be whenever we effectively come together, literally bringing a contribution of positivity to the table.


Why is potluck significant here?  The concept.  There are simple yet powerful lessons that can be extracted from all of this and from several other features of the event.  We did not know exactly what we were going to get through Pot-Luck, but we went in of the faith that people would come through with their contribution.  That allowed the planning to focus on providing the venue, the historical information, and the entertainment in a way that worked well.

There was no need for anyone to say (or even think), "my dish is better than yours", but instead have an understanding that it's not about competition or criticism, it's about collaboration.  When everyone brings something to the table to be shared with others for the benefit of all, good things are sure to happen.  And individuals may choose for themselves which menu items appeal to them most, or meets their selective needs.


So for NOMCO I submit that Potluck...is not luck, it's the result of simple contribution and cooperation at work.  And it works!

My expectations are for NOMCO to consciously undertake these characteristics throughout the year.  Let's keep it productive, simple, non-competitive, civil, positive, effective, wholesome, friendly, interesting, diverse, informative, and neighborly.  Did I say neighborly? Yes, indeed, neighborly!


I appeal to all NOMCO members and supporters to remember our first name, "Neighbors", and let being neighborly be at the forefront of our every engagement.  We cannot forget that.  As the new president standing on the shoulders of all before me, it is my duty to lead with that in mind and keep everyone in that spirit.  Wish me LUCK.  Thank you in advance for your contribution and cooperation!

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